October 7 2017

The Finishing Touches

Hey loves!

Okay so it honestly feels like FOREVER since I last posted a blog, so sorry it’s been so long! Life felt crazy for a while with living away, going away and then finally coming to live back home (which I have to say is hands down the best decision I could have made!)

Possibly the best part about moving back home has been having the chance to decorate all over again. I know a lot of you really enjoyed the room transformation video on my channel, so glad you love what I’ve done with the place! However, since uploading that, I decided to add a lil extra something and hang up the prints that I initially bought for the flat.

I mean, it turned out looking pretty good if I do say so myself! They all seemed to fit perfectly & surprisingly, I managed to purchase just the right amount of command strips to hang each one. The strips did a really good job and were super easy to use incase you’re thinking of hanging anything yourself, they pretty much just stick straight to the wall and leave no mark – fab for any of you who are renting or just want to avoid putting a nail in the wall!

Oh! Completely forgot to mention, the prints & frames are both from Desenio. They have a bunch of different styles depending on what theme you’re going for. You can opt for different sizes in both as well! My smallest frames are 13×18, medium 21×30 & largest are 30×40 in black wood.

I decided to put the majority above my acrylic storage due to the large amount of black space there, which is what can be seen above & in the backdrop of my latest GRWM.

After arranging the prints above my vanity, I had four left over which I split into two pairs, each with one quote and one photo. These are above one of my tall sets of IKEA Alex drawers, next to my full length mirror & window.

On the opposite side of the room behind my door, I popped these two up. Out of all of them, these ended up being the most conveniently placed, as they actually hide two little holes that we forgot to fill before painting. Magic!

Anyway, I hope this helps those of you who were interested in the new lil additions to my room! It took a while, but it finally feels like my own space again.

I love you to the moon and back. Han x


  • Eden
    08 Oct 2017 18:03
    I love pictures on walls and this looks so good!! You’re bedroom is amazing and I love how you’ve set everything out, I’m so glad you’re happier at home now !!❤️ Love you lots han 😘
  • Lara Reynolds
    08 Oct 2017 17:28
    These look amazing I want some!!! Hope you are doing well you are such a big inspiration to me ❤️ Would love to come to your Christmas party but I live quite far away:( hope to speak to you one day if you ever feel like you could drop me a message please do it would make my day, my insta is lara_paige17
  • Lara Reynolds
    08 Oct 2017 17:24
    They look great I want some!! Hope you are doing well you are such a massive inspiration to me ❤️ Would love to come to your Christmas party but I live quite far away 😞
  • Lozz Stockbridge
    08 Oct 2017 09:00
    Your makeup collection is amazing!! And those prints are so pretty! I love your YouTube channel and your blog and I just want to say that your doing an amazing job! Your videos brighten up my day and your such a beautiful person, inside and out!! Keep up the good work Han! Love youuuuu 🌸💗
  • Lauren Stockbridge
    08 Oct 2017 08:57
    Your makeup collection is insane!! And those prints are gorg!! Love your channel and this blog Han!! Keep up with the amazing work! Your so beautiful inside and out!! Love youuuu! 🌸💗
  • Becca
    08 Oct 2017 08:09
    I love these! I need to get some for my room! X
  • Becca
    08 Oct 2017 08:08
    I love these prints so much! I need these in my room x
  • Ashley Turpen
    08 Oct 2017 00:43
    I love these prints! I think they fit your room and your personality really well. Thanks for sharing I love the blog style <3
  • Hana
    07 Oct 2017 23:06
    I literally look at your Instagram and YouTube for inspiration! You inspire me so much to carry on doing makeup which I love 💕
  • Lauren
    07 Oct 2017 20:03
    Make-up collection goals😍 Can’t wait to order similar print to put on my wall by my collection! Love you girlll xx
    Hannah Hadfield
    07 Oct 2017 20:44
    omg send me a photo of yours when you have them!xx
  • Caitlin Houston
    07 Oct 2017 19:46
    omg I'm obsessed with these prints, they look great up!! x
    Hannah Hadfield
    07 Oct 2017 19:47
    So glad you like them!!x
  • Grace
    07 Oct 2017 19:34
    I love your new set up so much and also can not wait to try and get tickets for your christmas party tommorow. Love you!! Xx
    Hannah Hadfield
    07 Oct 2017 19:34
    Thank you so much my love!xx

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