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Hannah Renée

Hey! I’m Han, a twenty year old beauty & cat lover, born and raised in the city of Manchester. 

Better known for my YouTube channel, Hannah Renée, I created this space in order to share things that I don’t necessarily get chance to include in my videos.

My love for makeup & fashion began to blossom around the age of sixteen, when I first discovered the world of YouTube myself! I spent the majority of my birthday money on a twelve set of Sigma makeup brushes, and the rest on an Amber Lights & Coppering eyeshadow from Mac. Those are the exact products I used to create my very first Instagram post!

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to turn that same love into more than just a hobby. A couple of months after turning eighteen I began working for Mac as a retail artist for a while, which has probably been one of my biggest achievements as a self-taught makeup artist. I’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with some of my favourite brands on my YouTube channel, including Rimmel, ASOS, Depop, Missguided, NYX & many more!

Not only do I love what I do, but I love the people who allow me to share it all with them! Myself and my friends/followers have built up a pretty fab (if I do say so myself) little family based off our mutual love for all things beauty, fashion & lifestyle! I certainly have a lot to thank them for. So if you’re still reading this chunk of ramble to this point, I hope you’ll consider sticking around with us!